Project coordination and management

The STOC-FREE project will be coordinated by UU, the Netherlands. A project team will be formed that consist of all partners of the consortium together with the beneficiary’s staff member (from UU) that is responsible for administrative and financial issues related to the project. As part of the project coordination and management, the coordinator will be the primary contact person for all correspondence between the consortium and EFSA. The coordinator will plan both the start, interim and final meeting with EFSA, will initiate and coordinate the annual face-to-face meetings and will coordinate the bi-monthly teleconferences that will be conducted throughout the duration of this project. The project coordinator will be in close contact with the WP leaders, will control the project planning and will ensure that the deliverables are finalised in time. In addition, all administrative and financial work that is foreseen in this project will be conducted as part of this WP.