Communication and dissemination

InĀ WP4, which is led by FLI, Germany, the consortium develops a communication and dissemination plan with input from communication experts from the organisations involved in the project. In addition, support will be sought from EFSA to facilitate effective dissemination strategy to the Commission and MS.

WP4: Highlights of year 1

During the first project year the following dissemination activities were conducted:

  • The STOC free website was developed.

On the website background information of the project is provided and interested people are informed through a news page. An internal area was included on the website to enable the possibility to share information between the project members in a safe and secure way.

  • A STOC free group was created on LinkedIn and Research Gate

The group pages aimed to frequently disseminate news updates about the project to the scientific community and other interested stakeholders.

  • On 1 December 2017, the project was presented during a FESASS board meeting in Deventer, the Netherlands.

During this meeting the general project was presented and discussed with the FESASS members. Additionally, a short questionnaire was developed for this meeting and the board members were requested to provide anonymous feedback by filling in the survey.

  • On 1 December 2017, an abstract describing the general project was submitted to the InnovSUR conference and was granted an oral presentation (from 16-18 May 2018).
  • On 24 January 2018, the project was presented during an EFSA expert panel meeting in Parma, Italy.
  • On 7 February 2018, the Dutch partners discussed the progress of the project with their national financers (the Dutch ministry of Economic Affairs).
  • On 20 February 2018, an article describing the general outline of the project was submitted for publication in the FESASS journal of March 2018.

WP4: Highlights of year 2

During the second project year, the conceptual framework and the overall project were presented with posters at the 2018 SVEPM conference (Society of Veterinary Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine) in Estonia. Oral presentations of the project were delivered at the InnovSur conference in France (May 2018), the VEEC conference in the Netherlands (Nov. 2018) and at the ISVEE conference (International Society for Veterinary Epidemiology and Economy) in Thailand (Nov. 2018). Additionally, the project was presented and discussed by each of the partners with national stakeholder and decision maker meetings and to FESASS. A general article about STOC free was submitted to a special issue in Frontiers of Veterinary Science and accepted for publication.

In October 2018, a COST Action called SOUND control (more information at started and the STOC free project was presented in several working groups of this consortium in March 2019. A close link between both projects is assured by participation of multiple partners in both consortia.

WP4: Highlights of year 3

During the third project year, the progress of the STOC free was presented to the stakeholders of FESASS (March 2019). The different aspects of the STOC free project i.e. the developed model and the data collection tool were presented and discussed with the members of SOUND control.
Additionally, the project was presented and discussed with national stakeholder and in decision maker meetings. Up to the third year, three scientific papers resulting from the STOC-free project are accepted for publication.

WP4: Highlights of year 4

During the third project year, the results of the STOC free was presented at several webinars, international conferences and publications.
We created a youtube channel, where videos of webinars and presentations are published.
An R code was developed and the code and a detailed description is published at

An overview of the deliverables can be found here
Presentations at international conferences and publications in international journals can be found here