Scotland's Rural College (SRUC)

SRUC, Scotland’s specialist provider of rural research, consulting and education, undertakes research to enhance the rural economy and environment. The SRUC Epidemiology Research Unit (ERU) has a long established reputation with UK agricultural industry sectors and government policy colleagues. ERU’s work is focused on improving and maintaining animal population health and welfare by integrating a range of sciences, including epidemiology, to develop understanding and control measures for endemic, exotic and zoonotic diseases. ERU’s work has contributed to positive socio-economic impacts e.g. the implementation of a statutory Scottish and now UK eradication programme for Bovine Viral Diarrhoea in cattle and industry-wide improvements in health and welfare via pig health schemes, thus contributing to the sustainability of the livestock sector.

Role in the project

  • supports the development of the conceptual model (WP1),
  • supports WP2 (data) and
  • carries out a case study for Scotland (WP3).

Personnel Involved

George Gunn

Madeleine Henry

Jude Eze

Roger William Humphry