Nantes Atlantic National College (Oniris) / Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA)

BioEpAR is a joint research unit between INRA and Oniris.

INRA is the French National Institute for Agricultural Research. It is Europe’s top agricultural research institute and the world’s number two centre for the agricultural sciences. INRA undertakes fundamental as well as applied research on all issues related to food production and food safety. INRA promotes interdisciplinary research through 8 metaprograms aimed at addressing important challenges in agriculture, including animal health, using integrated and cross-disciplinary approaches.

Oniris is a higher education establishment that trains veterinarians and food engineers. Oniris is one of the 4 French veterinary schools, located in the most important farming area of the country. Oniris has developed strong connexions with farmers, veterinarians and professional organisations.

BioEpAR is the largest research group in veterinary epidemiology in France. Its scientific aims are to generate knowledge to understand the occurrence and the transmission mechanisms of diseases and to produce knowledge and methods for the management of animal health at various levels, from animal to population. Researchers in BioEpAR have expertise in a wide range of disciplines, notably quantitative epidemiology and mathematical modelling. The group has a long experience in developing research programs on endemic diseases of cattle with stakeholders.

Role in the project

Within the project, BioEpAR

  • is responsible for WP1
  • will develop a conceptual model relating BVD infection dynamics to the information available in the field (WP1)
  • will evaluate statistical methods for the estimation of a probability of freedom from infection from heterogeneous information (WP1)
  • will implement the data collection tool developed in WP2 in several French regions with different control programs
  • will apply the methods developed in WP1 to the French regions under consideration (WP3)
  • supports communication and dissemination (WP4)

Personnel Involved

Christine Fourichon
WP1 leader

Aurélien Madouasse
WP1 co-leader

François Beaudeau

Raphaël Guatteo

Mathilde Mercat